Your birthright of Love and Intimacy

Do you feel there's more to life than you are now experiencing?
-Are you working too hard with minimal results?
-Are you slowly depleting yourself financially, energetically, emotionally or spiritually?
-Do you crave greater love and intimacy or do you have difficulty sustaining long-term relationships?
-Do you experience pain, discomfort, anxiety or fatigue knowing that you could be experiencing greater vitality but not sure how to achieve it?
-Are you experiencing the greatest 'FOMO' of all: that life is passing you by without enjoying all of its abundance, joy and fulfillment?
Then it's time for you to Experience the Extraordinary!

Start living life as the adventure it's meant to be with the AlchemE Mentoring Process.
Long sought since medieval times, alchemy is the transmutation of base medals into gold as well as the elusive elixir of longevity.
What if it’s already here?!
Visionary Dr. Donald Epstein has scientifically proven that our experience of life depends entirely on our energy state. Those with the most coherent energy achieve the greatest overall success, uplift others by their sheer presence, and live the longest, happiest, healthiest lives. These exemplars of coherent energy leave the world a better place merely by being alive and sharing their 'beingness'!

Do you want to become one of these shining stars that instantly lights up others? 
Then consider the AlchemE Mentoring Process
In AlchemE Mentoring sessions, clients are guided through the energetic differential between their fear-based conditioning and their maximally-potentiated vitality. Experiencing how huge this energetic gap is allows the client to both accept themselves where they are as well as feel liberated and empowered once all resistance is stripped away. This conscious awareness alone grants the client countless new possibilities to intentionally determine the outcome, impact and quality of life they want.
Spiritual journeys don't require 30 years to manifest because magical transformation takes only minutes! 
Don't take our word for it... check it out for yourself.
Click the link below to set a new standard for yourself and those you love!
Welcome Seekers


Soul Genesis is a nurturing community that inspires spiritual growth, intimate relationships, self-actualization, impact and legacy.


Soul Genesis guides seekers to a divine experience of unconditional love, joyful living and a life of meaning and purpose.

Mission Statement

Genesis: Defined and Redefined

  1. The Origin of Something, When it Begins or Starts to Exist
  2. The First Book of the Bible, Which Describes How God Made The World
  3. Soul Genesis: A Community of Lovers and Seekers Who Know There’s More to Life and Must Respond to the Calling of Creating a Legacy of Meaning, Passion, and Fulfillment

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